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Ørsted continues to ‘love their home’ with a £20,000 donation to St Mary’s

The global pandemic has infiltrated all our lives, the repercussions of which will be felt for some time to come. For St Mary’s Hospice, the last 6 months has certainly seen them face challenges; a surge in demand for their services coupled with a decline in several important income streams has left St Mary’s in unprecedented times. However in amongst all the uncertainty there has been an undercurrent of grit and determination that we will stand together and we will support those in need.

When Cumbria, along with the rest of the UK was placed on lockdown, the majority of St Mary’s events came to a standstill overnight which inevitably saw an important income stream halt. Global renewable energy company, Ørsted, a long standing supporter of St Mary’s, understood that now more than ever there was a need to continue to support the vital work of St Mary’s and made the decision to fulfil their full sponsorship amount, despite many of the events being cancelled, and have donated a staggering £20,000.

Janet Gilmour (Ørsted) said: “The services St Mary’s Hospice provides are incredibly valuable to many people in the region, so we’re very proud to have continued with our sponsorship throughout the pandemic. At a time when communities need to pull together the most, we feel it’s right that we help wherever we can, especially as many fund-raising events were not able to take place during this time. We look forward to supporting this vital work for another year with future fund-raising events when the current situation allows.”

Helen Carlson (St Mary’s) said: “Covid-19 may have changed how we have had to carry out aspects of our care but it never changed our promise to our community to be there for those who need us most. Ørsted’s ethos of ‘love thy neighbour’ has been tried, tested and verified! I hope Ørsted know just how proud and thankful we are to call them our neighbour and our friend.”

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