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4 pubs in South Cumbria fail Police test and sell alcohol to a 15-year-old

A test purchase operation was carried out this week around South Cumbria. The operation tested the sale of alcohol and knives to a 15-year-old.

Police Officers from South Lakes Local Focus unit and Trading Standards, carried out test purchase operation area on both Monday and Tuesday of this week. Eighteen licences premises were tested for sale of alcohol or knives to underage children.

Test purchases are regularly carried out across Cumbria, with this operation coinciding with a National Campaign against knife crime.

Over the two days, premises subject to the operation, were tested by a 15-year-old, working with police and Trading Standards, attempting to purchase alcohol or knives. Over the course of the Operation, 14 licenced premises passed testing with no alcohol or knife sales to the Youth. Four pubs failed the licence test, selling alcohol to the youth.


nsp Paul Latham from South Lakes Local Focus Unit said: “Overall the results were really good and it is reassuring that no knives were sold to the youth: age limits are in place for the protection of everyone.

“We continue to work closely with all licenced premises and it is fantastic that the majority of the licenced premises passed their test purchases of alcohol.

“Operations like this are really helpful to enforce licence requirements and the four pubs that failed have received fixed penalty tickets and a well-timed reminded of their licence responsibilities.

“Further test purchase operations will be carried out in the near future, which will include the pubs that failed this time.”

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