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Army Cadets gain Emergency First Aid at Work Qualifications

Cpl Instance and Cpl Short from Barrow Detachment practising bandaging skills.

First Aid is a big part of the training Army Cadets receive at their units. As well as the knowledge and skills involved in delivering care to an injured person it also develops the individual’s ability to problem solve, remain calm and respond to an emergency situation.

As a result of the new First Aid Syllabus released to the Army Cadet Force in 2019 Burma Company, South Cumbria, took the opportunity to deliver the Emergency First Aid at Work course to its Senior Cadets.

Teenagers aged around 15 – 16 who could take on board the training to be able to support someone with breathing problems, broken bones, a scraped knee through to demonstrating the ability to give them CPR or recognise the symptoms of a Stroke.

The Army Cadets have always had this important subject as part of their training but now, for the first time, this has provided the cadets with a First Aid Certificate recognisable in the work place which they can take away from the ACF and add to their CV.

This course was delivered by an ACFA Accredited First Aid Instructor, SI Gibson from Millom Detachment, who demonstrates great enthusiasm for teaching young people about injuries and treatments in first aid situations. It has been shown to be a very useful set of skills to help older or younger relatives or simply passing someone in need on the street. The cadets received this training and qualification for free. Much of their training and activities is very low cost and this opens out the youth organisation to the widest community. Take a look at the other activities you could take part in at www.armycadets.com or ring County HQ on 01228 516222.

Local detachments are based in Barrow, Dalton, Kendal and Millom, parading two nights a week. Come along and see what you could gain from the Army Cadets.

LCpl Walker from Dalton Detachment practising chest compressions with use of a Defibrillator.

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