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Askambury sings, dances and raises money for local football club

Organisers of Askambury want to thank everyone who supported the event.

The funds raised at the popular music event will help Askam United Football Club improve and modernise their facilities and ensure the grounds are safer for all budding players and supporters.

Sean Hagan, Chairman and player for the club told HuddleHub: “It was another very successful day for us this year, and it couldn’t have gone better. Everyone was in great spirits and they are already asking us for hints on next year’s date so they can make sure they can book the day off work!

“The funds raised this year have taken a massive weight off our shoulders in terms of allowing us to carry out the “must do” jobs around the club, such as replacing our main garage door, which is something that we have needed to do for a few years, but have never had the funds. At present the door is a two man operation to open and shut because the rollers fall off the tracks, which has resulted in the garage door falling off a few times. Now we can finally replace it and we actually ordered the new one last week.

“The money raised will also be used to support our aim of reintroducing a junior set up within the village. We have officially registered an Under 13’s boys team for the 2019/20 season, and hope this is the first of many youth teams to join the club. We are doing the best we can from a club point of view but also need parents and volunteers support to help run these teams.

“Our main clubhouse has not had any proper refurbishment work since the day It was built, so we want to spend a lot of time making the place more appealing and welcoming to everyone who uses it. We want the club to be accessible to all, and to be welcoming for young and old, male and female and to also be disabled friendly. At present we do not have disabled access, this has to change and we will do our upmost to introduce the facilities as part of the on-going work. We want the changing facilities to accommodate both male and female, including the referees changing facilities. We are seeing more and more women involved in the game of football, which is great, so having purpose build facilities will hopefully encourage more females to participate.

“We could quite easily get carried away and try and get everything done at once, but because of the sheer volume of jobs that need doing it wouldn’t be possible. We have set some money aside to help pay for the set-up for Askambury 2020, as well as the general running costs of the Football Club itself for the next year. We have a very young but enthusiastic committee, which hopefully will be there for many years to come. We are taking this on with a smart head, we are looking at the bigger picture rather than a quick fix. This is a project that will safe guard Askam United for the next generation whilst putting on events that brings our fantastic community in Askam and Ireleth together.

"Askam is predominantly a “Rugby Town” but we are hoping to put the Football Club well and truly on the map. We have received nothing but praise about Askambury, and we can’t thank the community and sponsors enough.

"For everyone who came to Askambury last year, they will have noticed that this year we had six brand new floodlights and a brand new scaffold pitch barrier. We hope at Askambury 2020 there will be many other noticeable changes, and all made possible by the communities support.”

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