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Brilliant Briar shines like diamonds in the sky

Briar Anise Butler, aged 32 years, battled a brain tumour for over 2 years, when the doctors gave her less than six months to live.

HuddleHub spoke to Briar’s mum, Beverley Shirreffss: “My daughter passed away from a brain tumour on 17th of August, but because of the COVID pandemic we had had to limit spaces to thirty people. So many were upset that they couldn’t attend that we decided to hold an alternative style funeral.

Briar’s six year old son,

Noah, has special needs, and we wanted a service that was not filled with sorrow but happiness, so we hired a pyrotechnic and had her ashes put into the fireworks so that he could watch mummy light the sky on her way to Heaven. It took a lot of planning to get it right for Briar and my

grandson, but it was worth it.

“She suffered from mental health problems throughout her short life, but always was so very popular and had so many friends. She was known to be very loud, you would hear her coming long before she arrived.

“I commissioned 12 pieces of jewellery to be made containing her ashes, which were gifted to friends and family, and I have also kept some ashes for Noah for when he is older, so he can keep a piece of his mum close to his heart in his wedding ring or however he chooses.

Briar’s funeral service was held at Abbey House Hotel on Thursday 1st October, we had a meal followed by a fireworks display choreographed to Ellie Gouldings song 'Explosions'. The song was chosen because it was a favourite of Briars, and she passed one of her levels with Cumbria Pole Art using this piece of music.

“We would like to share the video footage, as we know so many people wanted to be there, so at least they can say their goodbyes to her. Our hearts are truly broken, rest in peace my darling daughter”

See the service here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1566111706909526&id=100005321359219&sfnsn=scwshmo

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