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Council Caretakers clean up disgusting mess left by Ormsgill residents

Caretakers from the Barrow Borough Council Housing Department have taken action after large piles of rubbish were dumped in several bin bays on Broad Close, Ormsgill.

At the Ormsgill Residents Meeting on Tuesday, concerns were raised regarding the state of the bin bays on Broad Close.

Following the meeting, Matt from the ZEST Community Action Group went to look at the bin bays and found them piled high with rotting rubbish.

This was then reported to the Council Housing Department the next day, who tasked their Mobile Caretaker Unit to clean up the area.

Matt Blackburn from ZEST said: "I would like to personally thank the caretakers for cleaning up this mess so quickly, however this should not be their job. It is for residents to dispose of their rubbish correctly and not dump old TV's, fridges, beds, piles of black bags, etc in the bin bays, or anywhere else for that matter.

"The smell coming from the rubbish dumped behind flats 34-48 on Broad Close was absolutely disgusting, and unfair on other residents who dispose of their waste correctly!

"Residents are responsible for keeping the area clean and tidy, so if you see someone dumping anything outside, please report it immediately.

"Once our new ZEST cleaning equipment arrives we plan to do several Community Clean events in Ormsgill, targeting bin bays and footpaths. this will include removing moss and weeds and general power washing of areas.

"We want to help the Ormsgill residents keep the area clean and tidy, but all residents must dispose of their waste correctly.

"Action will be taken by Barrow Borough Council to prosecute fly tippers."

After the caretakers removed all of the rubbish...

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