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DISGUSTING: Backstreet filled with piles of rubbish, nappies and dog poo!

A joint effort from Barrow Borough Council, FCC and ZEST was carried out today on a backstreet in Barrow.

A female resident from Barrow brought this disgusting backstreet to the attention of the newly formed voluntary community action group, ZEST.

Following protocol, ZEST contacted the Streetcare Team at Barrow Borough Council and today, a joint operation was carried out to rid the dirt.

Starting at 10am, workforce's gathered next to the RSPCA building on Church Street. Firstly, the Barrow Borough Council Enforcement Team started going through the dumped rubbish to find evidence of who the fly-tipped waste belonged to. Having sifted through piles of rubbish which included dog poo, nappies, food waste, etc, the Council Enforcement Officer's found letters with names and addresses on, they will now follow enforcement procedures.

FCC brought 2 caged vehicles to remove the rubbish, but they had to return for a third load with there being so much rubbish.

Once FFC had cleared the large items, ZEST followed with their new road sweeper 'Noo Noo' to clean up the last of the litter and weeds.

Alan Barker, Barrow borough Council's Streetcare Manager said: " Working along side our partners we were alerted to an area that had a number of Fly Tipped material dumped, the area is one of the gated areas within the town centre, when we attended, with the assistance of FCC and ZEST Community Action Group, Streetcare enforcement officers started to gain evidence and identify the alleged offenders.

"It is totally unfair that residents have to live among illegal waste that has been dumped in their area, especially when it is other residents that are carrying out this illegal act and causing so much misery in their area, this behaviour will not be tolerated and once evidence is found, we will interview the offenders, and build up a case for court.

"On this occasion there have been a number of offenders identified and we will be working over the next few days to prepare our case against them, they will then be invited to attend for an Interview under caution, then following on from the meeting, we will then progress with the case.

"If the alleged offenders refuse to attend for the interview, or fail to attend, there is the power of arrest which is carried out by the Police on our behalf, then once arrested they will then be questioned. "

Matt Blackburn from ZEST said: "I want to make it clear that this is not the job of FCC or ZEST. Residents are responsible for how they dispose of their own waste, it should not be dumped in a backstreet for others to deal with. Of course some waste gets blown around, this is what FCC should be focusing on, keeping the area tidy, not having 8 of their staff in a disgusting backstreet removing piles of rubbish left by lazy people.

"On this occasion immediate action was required, and this backstreet is now clear from rubbish.

"It is now for the residents of Greengate Street and Mount Pleasant to keep this area empty and tidy, and if one of those residents notices that anything has been dumped, report it immediately to the Barrow Borough Council Streetcare Team on 01229 876543.

"Residents without the means of getting large items to the tip, should seek help from friends or family, or request a special collection which can be arranged through the Barrow Borough Council Website for a small fee.

"It's time for everyone to take responsibility and work together to make Furness a cleaner, greener and safer place to live, work and visit!"


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