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Exciting new food store in Barrow is all set to tempt your taste buds!

Variety is the spice of life, and if you fancy trying something a little different when it come to your weekly food shop, then pop down to Barrow’s very own Charming Deli on the corner of Rawlinson Street and Lord Street.

Selling cheese, meats, bread, cakes and a delicious selection of soft drinks and sweets this spacious store offers friendly advice and service with a smile.

Shop owner, Madalina Bleau told us “My husband Adrian and myself are Romanian nationals. We both work in the NHS and we moved to Barrow nearly seven years ago. Previously we had to travel to Preston every month or so to shop at a Romanian store for different spices, sweets, pickles and smoked meats. We continued to do this until I got pregnant with our second child and became unable to travel. We missed our favourite food so much that this year we put money aside decided to start working on our fabulous new minority food shop.

We opened the shop on 15th of September this year and starting selling the Romanian products which we were already familiar with, within approximately three weeks we brought Polish food and spices plus cakes and bread, as we know how much Polish people love their bread. Following our opening day we had requests from a variety of minorities asking us to supply Turkish, Indian, Nigerian and Spanish food for them as well.

“I am a nurse working at Furness General Hospital in Intensive Care and I also run Charming Aesthetics offering beauty treatments. My husband Adrian worked as Health Care Assistant at Lancaster Royal Hospital on the Orthopedic ward until last month, now he is running the shop, and I help out from time to time. We sell smoked meats, cakes, soft drinks, meat specialities, and spices from different countries. Romanian, Polish and Turkish food is due in next week and Nigerian food is next on the list .

We are open Monday - Friday 10:00am -21:30pm and Saturday 10:00am -22:30pm

“Being self-employed is a new concept for us, we both have worked since we were sixteen years old for big companies as well as the NHS so this is major change which we are enjoying a lot. On our opening day more than sixty Romanian people came into the shop. They had heard about the new store opening, and they came to support us and also to socialise. Many of them did not know each other and it was so heart-warming to see people exchanging phone numbers and forming new friendships. It can be very hard for foreigners to make friends, and many times you can feel alone when you leave your home country.

“A little while ago my husband and I went to Manchester to visit the Polish warehouse and we arrived at 14:58pm (the store closes at 15:00pm ). We knew the store was closing but we could see people inside so we knocked at the door and tried to explain who we are and that we would like to purchase goods for our little shop in Barrow as many Polish nationals were waiting for products. We were told to come back the next day but we said we would be quick if they let us in. The people were Polish too, and were the general manager with his wife and the head of accounting . They understood that we had travelled a fair distance and invited us in. They gave us a tour of their huge warehouse around 2 hours and told us what products Polish people loved and how hard it can be to miss food from home. They were a very helpful team and we came home with so many products, after following the advice to bring products for other nationalities too.

“A lot of my English friends love to travel and love to try different food from different countries whilst on their holidays.

This shop is the place to come to when you feel like trying something different without moving too far from your own doorstep.

You can sample a variety of delicacies and unusual foods right here in your home town, and we welcome everyone to come and see the range of delicacies that we have in our shop, and to be adventurous in trying some of the rare treats we have to offer”

Why not pop into Charming Deli and treat your taste buds to something a little different.

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