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Local training company offer bespoke service to meet your personal needs

With many people still a little nervous about using the gym to exercise these days, it’s good to know there’s a local fitness company waiting to help you reach your personal goals in the comfort of your own home.

From weight loss to improving general fitness levels, Alienfit are all about working with you to get the results you want.

Daniel Vintila and Claire Ball set up Alienfit Training around two years ago with the purpose of helping people to get stronger and fitter, along with educating them about strength training and how to live a better life. It’s a more holistic method and is really about making small but positive lifestyle changes.

Daniel told us: “I’m originally from Italy and have moved here to be with my fiancé Claire, who is from Barrow and has come home after spending a long time working abroad. I previously worked on a cruise ship as a Casino Supervisor, and at the same time I helped and trained many friends and crew members to increase their fitness levels. It’s an amazing feeling knowing that you can help people to become their best self.

“Alienfit Training is a community group of people who support and help each other to reach their goals. Claire and myself decided to offer home training to people that have tight schedules, parents that can't leave their children, or anyone that feels uncomfortable going to the gym. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive a professional service directly at home. Our main focus is training to get stronger, move better and feel better, something which every person can benefit from in their daily lives. All COVID-19 guide lines are strictly adhered to at all times.

“We also teach the correct way to lift items safely, which everyone should know in order to avoid any injuries. It's not all about the training, but also about the life you live. We want to help people achieve this balance. Carrying groceries, lifting and playing with your kids and many other activities can potentially strain your back, but by strengthening your joints and ligaments it will feel much easier and can help to prevent any injuries.

“It’s wonderful to be able to plan our own schedule and decide what's best for our clients. We plan on having our own strength studio, where we can help people become the strongest version of themselves and live a better life, and at the same time we endeavour to create a much bigger community of like-minded people that share the same goals and encourage and support each other. We want to organise various workshops where we can teach and educate people about general strength training and a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and we currently offer a monthly contract that includes 12 training sessions at an extremely competitive price. The training programmes are for all ages, abilities and fitness levels. We believe that everyone, regardless of age, ability and current fitness level, should have the opportunity to receive a professional service”

With packages available that include a personalised nutrition plan to help people achieve their goals even faster, it’s worth giving Alienfit a call to see how they can help you.


Tel: 07869 493 446

Email: dv.training@alienf.it

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