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Over £1,000 raised in memory of friend who ‘just wanted to help people’

A charity night at Penrith Cricket Club hosted by the family and friends of the late Nicki Butterworth have raised over £1000 in her memory.

The 41 year old from Penrith died this spring, following a long battle with cancer. The money raised is being donated to Penrith Day Hospice, based at Penrith Hospital; a place described as Nicki’s ‘escape’ from her usual day to day life.

Gail Noble, 63, a close friend from Penrith said “She came every Thursday to socialise and it helped her through. It’s so important to have this here in Penrith. Nicki just wanted to help people and this place helped her so we wanted to give something back in her memory.”

The charity night was held on Friday 5th July and included bingo, raffle and a disco/karaoke.

Kerryanne Wilde, 46, another close friend and founder of CERT (UK) the charity which Nicki was a director and trustee for said: “Everyone gave so generously for the raffle, companies around Penrith were all very keen to get involved and give generously. On the night everyone provided their services for free so we’re also very thankful to them. We aimed to raise £500 but managed to double that thanks to the fantastic efforts of everyone involved.”

Gloria Valerie Townsend, Nicki’s mother, said: “Gail and Kerryanne have done everything to help and we’re so grateful. They must have been round every shop in Penrith and got something from each for the raffle.”

Sheena Reid, Penrith Day Hospice Manager said: “We are extremely grateful to receive this donation in memory of Nikki. It will be used for a new and exciting Arts project at the day hospice.”

Nicki was described by her friends and family as having a “heart of gold” and being “a fabulous person.”

She always wanted to help others, and this was most obvious when she worked to help others during the floods of 2015 and Storm Desmond, volunteering much of her time despite going through treatment for cancer herself.

Her mum added; “Nicki was so outgoing and was always doing what was right. She was a fabulous person and we couldn’t have been prouder. She never let her diagnosis get her down and we all miss her terribly.”

Nicki’s son, Jay Townsend said: “Thank you to Gail and Kerryanne for doing this, we’re eternally grateful.”

The family and friends of Nicki would like to extend their sincere thanks to all businesses and individuals who donated money and gifts for the fundraising event.

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