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  • Suzanne Cupid

Schoolchildren fundraising so six-year-old disabled classmate can join them on day trips

Pupils at an amazing school in the heart of a wonderful community are raising money to help a six-year-old disabled classmate join them on day trips.

Currently Bobby Shaw - who has Cerebral Palsy and Hydrocephalus - has to travel in a car while his fellow students at Barrow Island School because their isn't wheelchair accessible.

The youngster’s parents, the school, pupils, their families and the Island community are pulling together to buy “Bobby’s Bus.”

Students have even written letters to the rich and famous, such as Jim Ratcliffe, the richest man in Britain, who owns Ineos, asking if they can help raise the £4,000 needed.

One youngster, Benjamin, shaved his head at the weekend and raised over £700. There have been cake sales and a very generous donation from an individual with close links to the school.

Bobby’s dad Graham Shaw, who is a coach at Hindpool Tigers, explained how he and the club raise money for charity with their annual Family Fun Day and mini rugby festival on June 29th at Brisban Park, Barrow, from 12pm until late.

The team would be wearing specially designed shirts on match day sponsored by the Lake District Farmers.

Last year they raised £8,000 and are hoping to bring in even more this year to donate to Barrow Island School and the Rumic Foundation.

Graham added: “Barrow Island School have been awesome with Bobby. We have been blown away by the school and what they have done. They have tailored lessons, made sure socially he’s really out there and activities such as horse riding which helps with his core strength.”

“They want to be able to take him on the bus with his other classmates so we decided to make choose the school and the charity as the beneficiaries of our club fundraising this year and go halves with the school.”

“It’s been amazing so far. We ran a competition in school where the kids designed rugby kits for us to wear on the day

“The winner and runners up got prizes and the winning shirt was made into our special kit.

“We put the shirt on sale and sold 100 in 48 hours with £5 from each shirt going to the cause”

“Pupils did a project in school where they researched famous people and companies and wrote letters asking for donations”

“It’s been an amazing effort with the whole community getting behind it and asking local businesses to donate.”

“The kids at the school have been amazing, as have the school. There have been cake sales

One kid got his head shaved raised over £500

“It;s such an amazing school and I can’ speak highly enough about them. The staff are so loving and caring and the pupils amazing.”

Headteacher at BICPS said :”Bobby joined our school in September and we quickly realised that our minibus needed modifying to enable him to travel with his classmates. We take children on lots of visits to enhance our curriculum and widen their life experiences.”

“I set Year 6 children a task to write to very rich people to ask for a donation. They wrote letters and researched rich people in the UK. They also found addresses for local businesses – approx. 250. They then set about raising money to pay for the postage for letters.”

“They held cake sales which raised £250, let’s hope the local businesses donate. They are speculating to accumulate!”

“Bobby is a popular child, his fun loving nature and smile are infectious and the fundraising for the bus has captivated the local community. Our children and their families donated cakes and bought cakes, local people have donated stamps and money, held a cake sale on the street and one child had his head shaved.

“My heartfelt thanks go to everyone who is trying to help us.”

Graham set up a fundraising link at the weekend for anyone wanting to donate and help the school get the money needed to buy “Bobby’s Bus.”

You can donate here https://bit.ly/2IPXGYG

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