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#Shave4Food - Hairy guys from Barrow raise over £5000 for Barrow Foodbank

The #Shave4Food nomination challenge started by Gaz Wood has so far raised over £5,000 for the Barrow Foodbank.

Local people have shaved off their beards, hair and one guy has had a full body wax.

The combined funds raised by Gaz Wood, Ian R V Cole, Richard Wilson and Andrew Quinn have so far reached over £5,000 with people donating for them to save off their beloved hair.

Other people such as Myk Heaton, Ryan McKay, Ash Tomas and Jay Broome have also took part in the challenge raising even more much needed funds for the foodbank in these challenging times.

Barrow Foodbank Said: "Thanks so much to you all for your support, you’re wonderful!!

"Every penny supports people in food poverty in our community, this support has never been more critical as we work together to support people through the Covid crisis. Thank you!"

Well done guys and thank you to everyone who has donated!

Anyone wishing to donate can do so by clicking this link:


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