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Soul Survivors sing to raise funds in memory of their of their much missed colleague ‘Big Al’

Following the very sad news of the loss of yet another wonderful local musician, HuddleHub were contacted by Ray Guselli to help raise money for the family of the late Allan Davies.

Ray Guselli tells us his story in his own words “About 18 months ago I was asked to take some promotional photographs of a great local band, “Soul Survivors”. Having previously been involved in the local music scene for many years as the guitarist in Patents Pending, my interest in music dwindled once the band ended: this was therefore an opportunity to get a feel for what was happening now.

When I heard and saw this band I thought “They are brilliant” Great musicians, a great sound, and once again showcasing some of the incredible talent Barrow and Furness continues to offer, the band had focused on a niche market of Soul classics and Northern Soul.

Most importantly, I met Allan for the first time and our mutual interest in guitars and music meant that we got on so well: as if we had known each other for years. I now know that everyone who met Allan would share this feeling and recognise what a really nice person he was: an absolute gentleman.

Those who remember Chapter Five will recall one of the great numbers written by the band leader and keyboard player, Dave McGerty: “You can’t mean it”. This is very soon to be released as a single and the release date is the end of April. On the other side of the vinyl single will be Soul Survivors, “My Man is a Good Man” another catchy and great song written by the McGerty family.

I was therefore asked to do some more promotional photos and again met Allan, or Big Al, as he was known to friends: big in stature and also kindness. The band was going from strength to strength.

A fantastic gig followed, at the Odd Frog on 4th February 2019...a night all would remember: sadly, for the wrong reason. Not because of the success of the night, but because it was after this gig that Big Al unexpectedly and sadly passed away, peacefully at home.

The shock to family and band members was indescribable....a loss to Al’s family and his band family.

“The band felt that something should be done as a tribute to Al and it was an honour to be asked to participate. A concert for Allan is to be held at Hawcoat Park (formerly Vickers Sports Club, Hawcoat Lane) on Friday, 26th April 2019 at 8.00 pm. and I was invited to play guitar to help celebrate Al’s time in the music scene since he started playing, so many years ago.

The band is going to donate proceeds to Allan’s family to donate as they wish and it would therefore be wonderful to see all the people who Allan has provided so much pleasure to through his music over the years, join us at this special event”

“The band looks forward to seeing as many people as possible there and hopes that those who follow them will make this special effort for a very special person”

Tickets are only £10 each and are available from any band member, R&T Music in Dalkeith Street, Barrow or Hawcoat Park Club, Hawcoat Lane, Barrow.

Here is a little slideshow Ray made: Here

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