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St Mary’s Living Well Centre shortlisted for 2019 E3 Business Awards

St Mary’s Living Well Centre, Barrow-in-Furness has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2019 E3 Business Awards, which will be held at the University of Bolton Stadium on Thursday 11th July 2019.

St Mary’s Living Well Centre has been thoughtfully designed to create a community space where people living with long term illness can go to focus on their wellbeing and independence through fun activities. It makes it easier for people to find community organisations which offer services which support their conditions. Now the centre has been selected from amongst hundreds of nominees to become one of the finalists for the prestigious NW Businesses Charity of the Year category.

Speaking on behalf of the charity, Val Stangoe, St Mary’s Chief Exec: ‘I am delighted the St Mary’s Living Well Centre has been shortlisted for the NW Businesses Charity of the Year award. We are very proud of the multi organisational collaboration that is taking place in this building. In Barrow we are definitely showing that together we can be stronger. We believe this can only work to the benefit of local residents.”

"I'd like to congratulate St Mary’s Living Well Centre," said Mubarak Chati, managing director of 1 Events Media, which hosts the E3 Awards. "We get hundreds of very compelling nominations every year, so to be named a finalist is a genuine achievement in itself.”

"I say that partly because I know how rigorous the judges are when they make their shortlist selections. We have worked very hard to create a judging process that is fair, transparent and clearly defined, so finalists can feel proud that they really earned their place at the Awards evening. To get here, organisations such as St Mary’s Hospice have shown that they are amongst the best and most dynamic in the whole of the North West.”

"More generally, we've set out to create an experience that we hope makes every entrant feel special. And it's right that they should; looking at each year's applications, it's always amazing to see what northwest organisations are achieving; how much passion and intelligence they put into their plans for growth. Not all of them reach the finals of course, and that makes St Mary’s Hospice’s achievement all the more impressive."

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