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Victims of domestic abuse in Cumbria urged to report it

Cumbria County Council and Cumbria Police are joining forces to reach out to people across the county who are at risk from domestic abuse.

A new campaign launches this week to encourage victims, or people who are concerned about their friends, family or neighbours, to report incidents to Cumbria Police.

Report domestic abuse:

• Call 101, or report online at www.cumbria.police.uk.

• If you are in immediate danger, always call 999 and ask for the police.

Cllr Deborah Earl, Cabinet Member for Public Health and Community Services, said:

“As the government’s lockdown measures are eased it is important people who may have been suffering at home, come forward and seek help.

“I would encourage anyone, males or females, who are worried to contact the police. Anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse will get the help they need to keep them safe.”

Detective Superintendent David Pattinson for Cumbria Police said:

“It is very much business as usual for Cumbria Police, and domestic abuse is a top priority for us. We have been working alongside our partner agencies to really push the message that victims of domestic abuse should not suffer in silence, we are here to support you and there are many local services that specialise in helping victims and their families, so please get in touch.

“I would also like to continue to ask the public to keep an eye out for any signs that someone they know may be suffering from abuse and to report this to us. We are continuously looking at ways in which we can engage with the public to raise awareness, and this countywide campaign is another step forward in the fight against domestic abuse.

“If you would like to speak to us about reporting domestic abuse or have any questions as to how we can help, please call 101.”

Cumbria Police and safeguarding partners are also holding new online Domestic Abuse Surgeries, on the police’s Facebook and Instagram pages, every Monday and Wednesday between 11am-1pm. These live chat events make it easy for people to ask questions and seek advice, questions can also be asked anonymously.

Government instructions over the past few months of lockdown were designed to keep us safe and to protect the NHS by staying at home. The worry has been that the stay at home message was not ideal for victims of domestic abuse who may have found it harder to escape their abusers or even to report them.

Domestic abuse is always unacceptable and everyone is entitled to live safely, without fear of violence or abuse. For anyone who feels they are at risk of abuse, it is important to remember that there is help and support available to you, including police response, online support, helplines, refuges and other services. Victims are not alone.

Friends, family, neighbours and community members can be a vital lifeline to those living with domestic abuse. If anyone is worried that someone they know may be a victim of domestic abuse, reassure them that the police and support services are here to help and direct them to sources of support.

Find out more at www.cumbria.police.uk and always report it.

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