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Wearing protective motorcycle clothing can save lives

Along with May’s lighter and warmer days comes Motorbike Safety Awareness month.

Looking out for motorcycles and mopeds needs to be made a priority, particularly at this time of year, as more and more two wheeled vehicles take to the roads.

Many accidents can result in fatality for the more vulnerable road user, particularly if they are not wearing the purpose made protective clothing designed to reduce injury on impact.

Kristian Perry is a local young man lucky enough to live to tell the tale of his horrific experience.

Here is his story: “Approximately six weeks ago I was involved in an accident at Lindal on my way home to Ulverston. I can't remember entirely what happened. All I do remember was blinking or closing my eyes for a brief second whilst on my 50cc moped then being on the far left hand side of the road and after that I remember hitting a lamp post whilst my bike went off down the road. Luckily I was wearing a helmet, protective gloves, a motorbike jacket, if I wasn't wearing my motorbike jacket that night I wouldn't be here now."

"As 50cc mopeds can only go 30mph, this means 16-year-olds are able to ride them after completing a very basic test. You will notice that a lot of school children as well as other riders not wearing the appropriate gear, and as summer approaches this will only get worse as the weather gets warmer."

"I am raising awareness for Motorbike Safety Awareness Month and the importance of wearing the appropriate clothing no matter how warm the weather is.

I want to make sure others don't go through what I have gone through”

Kristian Perry

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