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Woman banned from 120 licensed premises in Cumbria

Police have sent out a stark warning to people causing drink-fuelled trouble in pubs and clubs after a woman was banned from about 120 licensed premises across west Cumbria.

Officers say other people causing problems also face potential bans – and this could see their social lives ruined.

The statement came after the woman was banned from entering premises that are members of the Whitehaven and Copeland Rural pubwatch schemes.

These cover a total of about 120 premises – not just pubs - across a large stretch of the west of the county, including pubs, clubs, cafes and shops.

Kylie Francis Townsley, 31, of Gameriggs Road, Greenbank, Whitehaven, received a two year Criminal Behaviour Order covering this at North and West Cumbria Magistrates’ Court in Workington.

Townsley received the Criminal Behaviour Order as part of punishment for an assault she admitted.

Police felt the ban was needed to address her behaviour.

Sergeant Mitchell Franks, licensing officer for west Cumbria, said: “Police have been building strong relationships across west Cumbria, including Whitehaven, with the area’s pubwatch schemes.

“The Criminal Behaviour Order issued against Townsley is as a direct result of those relationships.

“The Whitehaven pubwatch scheme is vibrant and dedicated and keen to ensure people see the town as a safe and inviting place.

“This example shows that when police and businesses work together a real difference can be made.

“This court order sends out a very strong message: If you misbehave in a pubwatch premises, you are likely to be banned.

“If you believe that the ban has no relevance then think again.

“A Criminal Behaviour Order such as this prevents you from enjoying the nights out on offer in west Cumbria.”

Sgt Franks added: “We will continue to work with licensed premises staff to ensure these premises remain a safe and inviting place for all law abiding members of the community and are also a safe workplace for those employed in the licensed trade.”

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