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Young local artist raises money for charity through paintings

When the world erupted in protests against racism last month, local artist Lara Gaskell, 16, was inspired to use her skills to express her compassion whilst raising money for two special causes.

Two of Lara's paintings are being auctioned on eBay to raise money for the Furness General Hospital Children’s Ward and The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust.

Lara explained her personal experiences of the FGH Children’s Ward, “Four years ago I became very ill suddenly and nearly died. Both times the Children’s Ward at Furness General looked after me and supported my mum and dad. I owe them so much.”

Planning on studying art, photography and media studies at college in the Autumn, she says

“I've been drawing since I could first hold a pencil. I also paint, create sculptures and enjoy photography. Hearing about George Floyd’s death made me very angry and sad. I created the paintings to express this.”

The funds raised will be split between the FGH Children’s Ward and the Stephen Lawrence Charity Trust, a national charity that supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and works with community groups, companies and others to create a fairer society.

The paintings are on display in the CandoFM window on Abbey Road, and the auction closes on 13th of July. For more information or to donate to a the two charities, email Mai Harrison at maisharrison@gmail.com or at 07768814237.

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